About Ina


Ina Barry has established herself amongst Melbourne's gold and silver smithing fraternity, not only for her stunning designs, but for the fact that she was able to create her own retail forum. Many jewellers thought that it was a gutsy thing to do. For Ina it just seemed a natural, logical step.

Her style having been described as ‘Elizabethan jewels meets motor-cycle Chic’ Ina's jewellery has many influences ranging from Victoriana and Baroque art to Batman’s weapons and the chrome headlights on old cars. Her jewellery also contains a strong Latvian influence, not necessarily in its style but in its empowering symbolism.  And her mad use of colour is also a special talent.

With a love for luscious and beautiful things and with a background in design, following her passion into making jewellery has been a wonderful and perfect career choice for Ina. Not long into learning the trade, she found herself selling pieces faster than she could make them. Saving up a small amount to start a business, she opened a shop in Block Place where she held court for 10 years from 1995 until 2005.


In 2005 she decided to take the plunge and close the shop at its height to focus more on clients and hand’s on jewellery making, and less on the management of the business.

"I was spending all my time running a business and I was being separated from the creative side," Ina says. "Now my clients can come up and see me and I can just work for them".

Ina’s studio in McKillop Street, just two blocks from Block Place is a beautiful location, tranquil and gorgeous. It’s a wonderful space, very welcoming and special.  Designing original pieces for her clientele is her focus. Ina's inspired designs are as evocative as ever.